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FAQ's about Digital Signatures

What is a digital signature?

A Digital Signature is an Electronic Signature; the purpose of DS is to authenticate the signature of the sender.

What is an electronic document?

An ED (electronic document) is any type of document, which is stored or created on a computer that includes will, contract, letter etc. Also it can be an image, blue print, drawing, blueprint, and photograph. To sign these documents a DS can be sued.

With Digital Signature can we verify authenticity of any electronic document?

Yes, it can be possible only when the document is originally signed by the sender using DS software.

Is it too complicated?

Not really, it is not complicated, it is very simple process and it may vary a little according to your software, however DS software will do all the work. Select the signature-option, then select document and then enter you covert approval code and everything is done electronically, no use of pen and paper.

Can we see the sender's handwritten signature?

No, there is no connection to sender's handwritten signature. Though there is more to it surreptitiously, the noticeable part of the digital signature is the sender's name, firm name and title along with certificate sequence number and the documental authority name.

How to obtain Digital Signature Certificate?

When you select your DS software, it contains an application for certificate. The required information in the application is used to validate your identify and guard you against illegal use of your signature. You can also get a certificate straightly from a certificate authority.

How do we check Digital Signature Validity?

If the signature is in your USB, then insert the token and if you have in system, then follow these steps:

Open you browser window (this is for internet Explorer user)

Go to Tools, select Internet Options and select content and then select certificates.

Underneath of Personal tab you can notice your name in the list-of-certificate displayed.

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