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We offer two classes, Class 2 and Class 3 distinct organization DSC (Digital Signature Certificates) by (n)Code. Our company is qualified provider of (n)Code digital signature certificates. (n)Code offers DSC that can be incorporate with applications like workflow, emails, secure VPNs and venture applications.The certificate can be used by corporate, individuals, and also government organizations to secure online-transactions and online B2B/B2C applications. (n)Code issues DSC according to latest interoperability ver2.0 guidelines. The Digital Signature Certificate offers (n) 21 DSC used for MCA21, (n) Rail DSC used for IRTC, (n) eXIM DSC used for DGFT, (n) Serv - 128bit used for SSL Certificates and so on and so forth.

(n)Code - Class 2

Class 2 of (n)Code is Individual DSC; this DSC is generally used for Tax/ MCA (Minstry of Corporate Affairs) and
Registrar–of–Company function. Class 2 form contains all information on procedure, payment options and pricing.

(n)Code - Class 3

Class 3 of (n)Code offer more secured DSC and it is used for Railway–agentlogin, Tenders, patent e–filing, and Trademark e–filing purpose. Class 3 Ncode DSC includes individual names and also companies.


TCS–CA (Certifying Authority) offers the Digital Certificate services and solutions. DSC serve as you ipseity in the hi–tech digital world. We offer Class 2 and Class individual DSC, government organizations and companies. We offer SSL Web server Certificates and Code-Signing Certificates.

TCS Digital Certificates are valid for:

E–tendering Application that includes IFFCO, Railways e–procurement, ONGC etc.

E–filling application that includes MCA portal, online forms, patent application etc.

E–Ticketing application includes IRCTC

TCS - Class 2

Class 2 certificates of TCS are issued as MDC (Managed Digital Certificate) to affiliates, partners, customers, and employees of government organization and individual corporations. These organizations are prepared to accept the responsibility of validating the accuracy of the provided information by the partners, or employees or customers or affiliates. The verification is done by the company selected as a Sub-CA/RA in the TCS DCA trust network.

TCS - Class 3

Class 3 certificates of TCS are issued to companies, government organizations and individuals. They can be used for commercial and personal purposes. Generally class 3 certificates are used for EC applications like EDI (electronic data interchange), electronic banking and online service; where there is major security is required.


SIFY Digital Signature Certificate was launched by Ministry of Company Affair, it a prominent e–Governance program called MCA21. Under this new program fresh e-forms have been announced. Sify has to issue an authenticate Digital Signature Certificate to make new e–form lawfully recognized. The DSC used for E–forms requires same legal validity and recognition as handwritten–signatures.

Sify - Class 2

Class 2 DCA of Sify is issued to devices and individuals. Class 2 verification procedure are established on the reassurance that subscriber name is unique. The individual certificates are suitable for encryption, electronic access, and digitals signatures where the VD information is authenticated.

Sify - Class 3

Class 3 DSCs are issued to companies, government organizations and individuals. They can be used for commercial or personal purpose and usually used for electronic–commerce applications.



When you purchase Digital Signature it comes with .spc file, which contains .pvk file and certificate includes your private keys. To convert pvk to pfx use Microsoft command tool Pvk2pfx. Here you can find the command which generates the Mypfxfile.pfx from Myspcfile.spc and Mypvkfile.pvk


E-token is used for:

Digital signing of business transaction

Strong–2 for user verification

Single sine on application

Protected storage of digital certificates, PKI private–keys, files, passwords etc.

E–token offers secure network–logon, e–business services, VPN verification, secured email (Sign & Encrypt), and portable signing device and PKI verification etc.

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