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Digital Signatures for Businesses


Digital signatures can simply be understood as a “mathematical scheme” of digitalized information used for demonstrating the authenticity of a digital message or e-document.

The added advantage though is that, digital signature certificates ensures that there is no form of manipulation or intervention, and the actual source or origin of the document can be successfully validated, through the form of digital signature tracking, which shows the point of origin, change, edits etc.

With a certified digital signature, one can not only stay safe from frauds and forgeries, but can also argue against it in a Court of Law, as provisioned under the Information Technology, department of India.

One can upgrade the level of security for top priority and highly confidential documents by choosing from the three distinguished classes of digital signatures that can be procured.

Furthermore digital signature certificates are highly protected under the Information Technology Act (2000) of India, whereby the misinterpretation, attempt to manipulate or forge digital signatures can attract a penalty of up to 1,00,000 rupees or in more serious cases imprisonment for up to 2 years in prison, or both.

Digital signatures can be obtained from a certified agent who is appropriately registered and is authorized by the Controller of Certifying Authority of India.

The use of Digital Signatures has widely spread both in the private sector and in the government sector to provide ease of access and transaction.

Government agencies which actively use digital signatures for their proceedings include the Income Tax department for their e-filing of tax returns, the Resistor of Companies for the e-filing of Company Returns, and many government sectors who have facilitated e-procurement for their e-tender notices.

A good digital signature needs a well encrypted Digital Signature certificate, a valid certifying authority and a designated private and public key, through which it can be accessed.

Digital Signature certificates, provides the best mode of electronic authenticator available. It ensures an elevated degree of security by ensuring inviolable privacy for your online transactions and transfers. Depending on the level of security available, digitally signed documents can be made available to only the eye of the individual it was intended for.

On top of this, digital signatures add a layer of credibility and safety in terms of agreements as the sender/author cannot fall back on the terms and conditions stated as per the digitally signed document. Hence it makes digital signatures, a vital factor of assurance, in terms of prominent situations of trust and reputation in the e-industry.


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