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Digital Signature Certificates Reseller

We are currently offering special Reseller opportunities for everyone, whether you are company secretary, chartered accountant, tax consultant, advocate or any other kind of entrepreneur, you can be a reseller of our DS. There is no initial startup–cost involved and no implementation, marketing programs, training assistance, aggressive sales, and competitive margins. You can sell the Digital Signature straightly to the client at the cost fixed by you.

Reseller Benefits:

Our staff will not contact any of your clients

Our reseller details are not revealed to your clients

Fully and minimal usable deposit there are no extra–charges included

You can deliver DS to your customers with login or without login

You can fix your own price

You can get E–tokens and DCS at discount price

The reseller agreement document in your name.

The requirement of Digital Signature is impending high globally. In addition, DS gradually being made compulsory by the Government in many places, therefore the demand for DS is going to increase in future.

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