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We are an esteemed provider of accounting for payroll software-solutions and business software, and we provide large range of software to our customers for parley of their business requirements in different areas in the line of payroll, accounting, service tax, electronic mode of signature in the PDF–file, income tax etc. We have years of experience and our software is used by all kinds of companies, small, medium and large scale companies.

Our array of business has reached nationwide for our unparalleled accounting software solutions, our staff is completely talented and totally trained to provide support to the maximum levels of endeavor and service to find the best possible solutions that go well with your company.

The right accounting software helps you make detailed resolutions by increasing operations and decreasing the price. Relying on your sytem requirements, budget and business structure we will recommend optimal services, methods and solutions to amplify payables, receivable payroll, general ledger, fixed assets, banking, reporting functions and multi-currency.

By choosing our company, you can select business software, customized to your company requirements. Choose from Payroll and HR, Finance, Supply Chain-Management, CRM, Document Management, Business intelligence, small-business accounting, constructions, payroll software Capital-Gold, and manufacturing.

Our Opera 3, flagship solution is entirely integrated business system and accounting that reduces the necessity to run different payroll, finance and service systems or CRM. The accounting solutions provide a combined view of knowledge sharing and business to facilitate your staff to work distantly and able to receive important information easily and quickly. Our service offers large range of inbuilt software which is easy to download. We provide 24/7 after-sales Technical Support.

Our company provides reliable and efficient service and our customers are completely satisfied with our service. We are also planning to launch different kinds of software soon to meet our client requirements.

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